Geriatric Equine

As horses age, they require unique care and attention. It is important that we work closely with you to ensure that your horse's needs continue to be met as he grows older.  

Cushing's Disease

Equine Cushing's disease causes hormonal imbalances resulting in a number of symptoms: a long curly coat that doesn't shed normally, excessive sweating, lethargy, recurrent laminitis, weight loss, abnormal fat distribution, muscle wasting, and excessive thirst. 

The disease tends to occur in horses in their late teens, and symptoms will worsen over time resulting in decreased quality of life. Without veterinary intervention, horses with Cushing's are often euthanized due to complications. 



Our veterinarians can diagnose your horse with Cushing's by assessing its symptoms and taking a blood sample for testing.
Cushing's disease cannot be reversed, but it can be managed with the use of a drug called Pergolide. Owners are often amazed by how much more youthful, happy, and pain free their horse with Cushing's is after the disease is diagnosed and the horse is started on medication.
Although compounded Pergolide is available, we strongly advise clients to treat Cushing's with the brand name Prascend as our own drug trials have shown that it is significantly more effective than compounded varieties.