Meet the Team



Bruce completed a BSc in wildlife biology at the University of Victoria and a MSc in wildlife biology at the University of British Columbia before pursuing veterinary medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Baker specializes in equine reproduction and equine dentistry but has remained passionate about small animal veterinary medicine throughout his career. Dr. Baker spends his free time mountain biking and cross-country skiing.

Dr. Bruce Baker

Susi  studied agriculture at the University of British Columbia before pursuing veterinary medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Cienciala fosters a life-long passion for horses and other animals and has competed for many years in 3-day-eventing and dressage. She studied classical riding in Saumer, France, and has recently become invested in Equitation Science and animal behaviour.

Dr. Susi Cienciala

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Dr.Chloe White

Chloe graduated from the University of Bristol in 2014 in the UK and moved to Canada in 2017. She has 2 cats and 2 horses and enjoys anything horse related including mounted archery and endurance riding in her spare time.

Chloe is currently licensed to work in BC as a veterinarian under supervision while she finishes her Canadian accreditation exams.

Veterinary Technicians & Assistants


Erin Rooney, RVT

Erin graduated from Lakeland College in 2015.

She likes to spend her time training working stock dogs, riding horses, and raising a small flock of sheep to train her dogs with.


Staff Lunch Time


Amy and Susi out for a ride


Julie Waines, Veterinary Assistant

Julie graduated from Granville business college in Vancouver as a veterinary assistant. She worked for 9 years at a cats only vet practice before moving to the Shuswap. Julie has a genuine love for animals and has also followed a passion for pet grooming. She loves spending time with her family and hiking with her dogs.


Amy Douglas, RVT

Amy graduated from Thompson Rivers University as a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2020.

Support Staff

Colleen Ingram
Book keeper

Amy Baker