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We love animals, and that's why we use only stress-free handling techniques in our clinic. It is our priority to make your pet's veterinary visit comfortable and relaxed.

Sometimes pets are so anxious we are unable to examine them. In this case we will ask clients to pick up some pre-vet visit pharmaceuticals that they can administer at home before they come to the clinic. In some extreme cases we may need to sedate the patient before it can be examined. This is a much safer and friendlier way to examine your pet.
If your pet has anxiety issues with veterinary visits we will also offer you some training tips to help them overcome this fear.


A kitten enjoys a treat while being vaccinated.

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Dr. Susi examines a patient in our outside "exam room". 


"Pete" the Pug licks a yummy treat during a jugular blood draw.


Amy feeds a puppy a treat while Dr. Bruce examines it.

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